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WOM marketing participativo y colaborativo

Our platform of participative and collaborative marketing specifically designed for brands Testamus is the only platform in Europe allowing brands to take advantage of both traditional WOM and Online WOM.


TestaBox brings traditional sampling to a new level. Using new technologies we offer a very effective and low cost sampling activity.

Market research

You can now do market research with a high quality online panel . Thanks to our work with consumers across our other Kuvut platforms, we get access to an updated database of real, non-professional consumers for you to carry out any type of surveys.

Marketing de prescripción

Our platform to amplify your brand message with Influencers . We can quickly reach hundreds of bloggers or youTubers in a cost-efficient way to make them try, speak, share and recommend your content and products.

Acciones de marketing colaborativo

Our dedicated platform to carry out tactical activities of collaborative marketing. Get visibility with thousands of consumers and increase your number of fans, followers, web visits, video views or app downloads.

participative and collaborative marketing

participative and collaborative marketing

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