The reproduction, duplication, redistribution and/or commercialisation, in whole or in part, of the contents of the website is forbidden, except with the prior written consent of Covima Flow S.L. and as stated in the Conditions of Use/Access to the website

These General Conditions regulate the provision of services of KUVUT in Israel, a trade name owned by COVIMA FLOW S.L. CIF B67455980, with registered office at Calle Napols 216, 2º-2º - Esc. Dcha. 08013, Barcelona (Spain).

If you wish to contact KUVUT, please send an email to the following address:

The corporate purpose of KUVUT, opinion surveys and participatory marketing is: KUVUT is the website where you can find out about new products, try them out at home for free or at a fraction of their price and give us your opinion about them.

How does KUVUT work?

  • When the User registered with KUVUT becomes a participant in the campaign, he will demonstrate his level of interest and involvement by carrying out the maximum number of proposed actions. In particular, actions will be proposed during the so-called "Selection" and/or "Participation" phases.
  • The actions will not expire during the time that the phase lasts, so the participants will be able to carry out these actions during the whole period in which each phase is developed. That is, until the end of the participation phase, the participant of the campaign will be able to carry out all the proposed actions.
  • In campaigns with a "Selection" phase, those users who have more actions correctly carried out will have more options to be selected for the participation phase and receive the product. These users will be defined from this point as "ambassadors" of the product/brand.
  • In campaigns with a "Selection" phase, KUVUT will make the final selection of the ambassadors (i.e. those participants who will receive the product for testing). In doing so, KUVUT will take into account the active and correct attitude with which the participants have carried out the proposed actions. Therefore, KUVUT will choose the ambassadors taking into account those participants who have more actions correctly carried out and who meet the specific requirements that apply to each campaign (in the campaigns there may be some essential selection factors for each brand such as certain life or consumption habits). In this selection, participants who violate the rules of these General Terms and Conditions, such as those who create double profiles, may be eliminated from the campaign and/or the KUVUT platform, losing the right to participate again.
  • In addition, for the selection of ambassadors, the quality of the comments, photos from the photo contest and other qualitative tests carried out in the selection phase will be of great importance.
  • In case they have participated in other campaigns in the past, the level of participation demonstrated in previous projects will also be taken into account. That is, those participants who in the past have obtained a good level of participation and have carried out the most relevant proposed actions, will have advantages to be selected again in the corresponding campaign. On the other hand, if a participant has obtained in previous campaigns a very low or low level of participation, he will have less possibilities to be selected and even his participation in the KUVUT platform can be cancelled indefinitely for failing to carry out the proposed actions.
  • When KUVUT has finally chosen the ambassadors, it will indicate to them that they can access their personal area to find out if they have been chosen. Those ambassadors who have been selected thanks to their high participation and having passed other criteria (participation in previous campaigns, quality of tests carried out in the current campaign, etc.),will receive the product indicated in the campaign. The shipment will be made to the address or collection point indicated and confirmed by the User at the time of registration for the campaign. The ambassador is responsible for having provided a correct address for the reception of the shipment. In case of change of address, the participant must modify or complete them in his personal area before the participation phase. KUVUT cannot be held responsible for the loss or failure to ship the product if the ambassador has not notified the change of address within the specified time or if he or she has provided an incorrect address. In case of not being at home, the ambassador will be responsible for picking up the package at the indicated shipping office or paying for the re-delivery.
  • Receiving the product commits you to participate in the actions proposed during the participation phase. In other words, the ambassadors selected by KUVUT to receive the product(s) or service(s) undertake to test the part of the batch that corresponds to them and to distribute the rest of the batch among their collaborators (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) if this is one of the objectives of the campaign. They are also committed to training and disseminating what they have learned among their collaborators and to collecting their opinions through surveys. The ambassador undertakes to conduct the opinion poll on the tested product and to participate actively in the proposed actions. Your participation will be evaluated as "Very Low", "Low", "Medium" and "Good" participation depending on the form and number of actions you develop during the campaign. This level of registered participation will give advantages in the selection of future participants in new projects/campaigns.

A maximum of one batch per household will be sent. Being a platform to make market research that contains products to test the ambassador and to distribute with its collaborators, it is understood that with a lot by domicile (house or office) the remaining components of the same one already can receive and test the product if they wish it. We remind you that duplicates will be eliminated if they are detected by KUVUT and that this circumstance may lead to the cancellation of the participation in the campaigns in which you participate and even of the platform.

Currently, users who have a Facebook account or who register with their data correctly can register with KUVUT. No records with duplicate data are accepted and their detection may lead to expulsion from the platform or from the campaigns in which you participate.

The data that KUVUT collects to participate in campaigns and surveys is the data that it captures through Facebook when you synchronize and authorize with this social network. They are the following: name, surname, email, sex, age. If they are not correct or not updated, you can check the data in the "Configuration" section once the User is logged in.

If you have registered without synchronizing with Facebook, we collect the same data but transferred by the User who is responsible for the correctness of this data.

Sex and age data cannot be changed as filter data for the target (audience) of the campaign are possible

To participate in KUVUT you only need to register with KUVUT by logging in with your Facebook account. Or register by providing the data requested in the registration form.

Registration with KUVUT and the use of its services implies that you have read, understood and accepted, without reservation, these general conditions, any particular conditions which, if applicable, complement, modify or substitute the general conditions in relation to certain aspects of KUVUT

You can access, print, download and save the General Conditions at any time. These General Conditions will be permanently accessible on the website.

KUVUT reserves the right to suspend or limit your access to your Account or to the provision of our Services under the conditions and for the time reasonably necessary to protect us against the risk of liability if you breach any clause of these General Conditions, Privacy Policy and/or particular conditions.


Through the address located at, any User may access the information contained on the aforementioned WEBSITE free of charge.

The conditions of access to the website are subject to the legal provisions in force at all times, as well as the principles of good faith and lawful use by the User, expressly and strictly forbidding any action that could be detrimental or detrimental to the Portal or third parties.

The website does not require prior subscription or registration for simple navigation, or for access or use of some services of the website. On the contrary, to participate in opinion polls it is necessary to register, except in some cases such as surveys of collaborators that can be anonymous. In any case, the User will be warned at all times of those accesses or actions that require registration and data collection.

The services or contents that require a subscription for access or use will be accompanied by the corresponding notice of the need to subscribe. As far as the processing of personal data is concerned, please refer to the KUVUT Privacy Policy.


Through the KUVUT website, it will provide all users with the possibility of accessing the contents, services and other information concerning the corporate purpose of this entity.

These conditions of use constitute the entire agreement between the parties on access and use.

KUVUT is entitled to unilaterally modify any and all obligations set out in these general terms and conditions of use, without prior notice. It is also able to restructure, modify or remove any information, service or content included in the website, without prior notice. The modification of any of these general conditions for a particular case will only be valid when it has been collected in writing and signed by the legal representatives of each party.

Likewise, KUVUT reserves the right to access or use some of the services of the website, now or in the future, and may require the condition of Subscribed User for access, which in this case may be obtained by inserting the email address of the User in the corresponding User subscription box that KUVUT will make available to the Users who so wish.

Accuracy of data

By filling in these forms, subscription boxes or similar tools, the USER acknowledges that the data provided are obtained directly from the user, true and correct, and undertakes to notify KUVUT of any change or modification that may occur in them.


When you decide to participate in KUVUT you give us your consent to analyse the results of your tests and trials together with the results of other participants in the project and to transmit them to our clients and/or advertising companies that own the products and services being tested. You also give us your consent to accompany these transmitted results with your identification data (name, surname, address etc.).

Minimum age

In order to register with KUVUT and participate in the campaigns you must be over 18 years old. Therefore, if you accept these Conditions, you guarantee that you are over 18 years old and you are responsible for what you have declared.


In order to participate in KUVUT you must be a resident of Israel


The user undertakes to make lawful, diligent, honest and correct use of any information or content accessed either from the KUVUT website or from third parties previously provided by KUVUT and all of this under the principles of good faith and with respect for the law at all times.

The User must abstain from obtaining, except for personal use, the information (understood as any message, sound files, photographs, drawings, software and in general any class or type of computer or graphic file, etc.) contained in the website.

Likewise, the User acquires the commitment not to provoke either maliciously or intentionally damages or harm that could undermine, alter the web itself as well as not to introduce, nor spread the so-called computer viruses that could produce unauthorized alterations of the contents or systems that make up the web. The commitment acquired must be governed by the use of the contents in accordance with the law, morals and public order; not to copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, transform or modify the contents without the prior written consent of KUVUT or the person delegated by it.

In this respect, KUVUT is exempt from any failure or computer virus introduced by third parties

The User undertakes to comply with all the requirements set out in relation to intellectual, industrial and other similar property rights.

Registering as a member of KUVUT does not impose any obligation to participate in KUVUT projects

The user may terminate his or her membership of KUVUT at any time by cancelling the registration or by cancelling the account.


Any User who wishes to use the services of the Website, agrees, without restriction or reservation, to comply with these General Conditions.

KUVUT users may participate in social networks with comments and/or images as long as the content of the same is not illicit, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, invades the privacy of third parties, infringes intellectual property rights or is otherwise offensive or censurable to third parties and whose content does not contain computer viruses, political propaganda, advertising content, chain mail, mass mailing or any other type of "spam". You may not use false e-mail addresses, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise lie about the origin of any content. KUVUT reserves the right (but not the obligation) to remove or modify any content.

Any user who wishes to publish content on the website, whether by means of graphic works, videos, musical works, photographs, animations, pseudonyms, names, symbols, texts, comments and, in general, any visual, textual or sound element coming from said partner, hereinafter referred to indistinctly as "user content", undertakes to grant KUVUT a publishing licence.

The user authorises the publication of the "user content" sent to KUVUT free of charge, worldwide and without any restriction or reservation. Consequently, the user expressly agrees by accepting these general conditions to assign to KUVUT a licence for the "user content", which covers:

  • The right to reproduce and distribute "User content" on any type of multimedia support, paper, film, optical disc format, etc., including supports for advertising purposes, and in any form corresponding to the graphic arts, by means of any technical processes and processing modes (analogical, digital...) intended for the terminals of the end users, such as computers, mobile phones, digital tablets, etc, in all types of formats; and specifically, the right to store, archive and host the "User content" on the servers used by KUVUT as well as on hard disks, RAM memories, cache memories, in all types of formats;
  • The right of public communication of the "user content" by means of its communication to the public, by any means of dissemination and communication networks, specifically on the Internet and on the KUVUT website including Intranet, press, airwaves, cable, telematic and/or digital mode, downloads, etc;
  • The right of transformation of the "User content" in all types of formats and presentations, illustrated with any legends, texts and comments (excluding political, pornographic or other unsuitable contexts),including the possibility of retouching or modifying the "User content", specifically for graphic reasons, format, clarity and/or colour, which may be necessary for the aforementioned modes of exploitation.

The user accepts that the "user content" may be used in a dissociated way at any time, both promotional and commercial, by decision of KUVUT, or published on the website.

Likewise, KUVUT may assign the intellectual property rights contained in this Publication Licence to any of the companies collaborating with KUVUT without any other limitations than those established in this licence.

Similarly, the user accepts that KUVUT may use "user content" to quote them and associate them with their pseudonym or with their name in its promotional, marketing and advertising operations.

This license will be valid in any language, worldwide and for the period of protection agreed upon for the "User's content" to its beneficiaries, in accordance with Spanish, European and Israeli law.

The User agrees not to receive any remuneration for such publications.

The User expressly states that any "User content" introduced into KUVUT effectively belongs to the User or has the authorisation of the legitimate owners or licensees of the content and does not infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, and specifically, the rights of the collaborators of KUVUT, nor the rights to the honour or image of third parties, or any other property rights of third parties.

The user guarantees to KUVUT that he has all the necessary faculties and powers to agree on the rights assigned by this licence and that the user has not carried out or will not carry out, by means of an assignment/licence to third parties or by any other means, any act that may compromise this licence and specifically that the persons who may appear in certain "user contents" are not linked to the user by means of an exclusive contract relating to the use of his image or name. Specifically, the user declares that the "user content" sent to KUVUT is completely original and that it does not contain any section of any other work of any kind, which could compromise the responsibility of KUVUT.

The "user content" supplied by the user to KUVUT may not include or introduce data or content relating to minors under 14 years of age, except in specific campaigns aimed at minor users in which the legal representatives of the minor will accept that they provide content from them as representatives of the minor. KUVUT reserves the right to carry out the procedures it deems appropriate in order to effectively verify the age of the minor and the authenticity of the consent given by the parents, guardians or legal representatives. The user acknowledges having been informed that KUVUT:

  • rejects any responsibility for the exploitation or dissemination of "User Content" on any medium;
  • may remove the "User's content" from its website if in its opinion this content infringes the rights of KUVUT's collaborators or these General Conditions, without prejudice to the legal actions that may be taken against the User who infringes the rights of third parties.

Therefore, the user waives any recourse to KUVUT and any other company that may replace it in the future.

In order to participate in certain KUVUT campaigns, a payment is required from the Users.

To do so, the user will have to either select the method of payment through Amazon Pay (an Amazon account is required) or provide his/her bank card details on the KUVUT website, and link the method of payment and his/her credit or debit card to his/her private account, authorising, if necessary, any payment that has to be made for each campaign from which he/she wishes to benefit.

KUVUT must be notified of any undue or fraudulent charge on the card used for the purchase or by email to , as soon as possible so that KUVUT can make the appropriate arrangements.

Depending on the campaign, the user will be required to pay by bank card, Amazon Pay, "KUVIS" points or by a "cashback" mechanism.


By participating in some of KUVUT's promotional campaigns, the User can obtain a series of redeemable points called KUVIS. The User will see the obtaining of the KUVIS in the section of his user profile "My Kuvis".

Users can pay for products or services in KUVUT campaigns, as well as obtain discounts and promotions, by exchanging their KUVIS. The discounts, products or services exchangeable by KUVIS can be consulted in the catalogue located in "My Kuvis" (hereinafter the "Catalogue").

KUVUT will inform the User in which cases he can use this method of payment.


Cashback is a payment method by which the user can purchase a product promoted in the different KUVUT campaigns and subsequently receive a refund of their purchase that applies to each campaign carried out by KUVUT.

All those who wish to participate in the promotion by means of cashback payment must comply with the following requirements:

  • You must purchase (shop purchase) the products indicated in the campaign subject to the promotion.
  • You must go to the website indicated in the campaign and fill out a form with the following information: Name, surname, email, town, sex, age, province, shop. In addition, the User must provide KUVUT with their bank account number (including IBAN). KUVUT will only carry out bank transfers to accounts opened in the territory of Israel.
  • You must upload a full and legible image of the purchase ticket containing at least one product promoted in the campaign with the date of purchase within the promotional period.
  • You have to answer questions about the product and its consumption habits and/or perform other tasks indicated in the same campaign.

Refunds are limited to the number of participants indicated in each campaign. In addition, cashback is limited to a single refund per person and per bank account. Under no circumstances may the refund be given to persons other than the users participating in the promotion.

KUVUT will reimburse the user in approximately 20 calendar days from the end of the promotion, provided that the user has fulfilled the requirements for participation in the promotion.

The ticket that the user presents to KUVUT for the refund of the amount due will have an expiration period of 15 days from the date on which the product was purchased. After this period, the User will not be able to request the reimbursement that could correspond to him/her for the participation in the campaign.

Once this period has expired without the users having presented the ticket to receive the corresponding refund by bank transfer, the amount of cash back will be considered extinguished, the user not having in any case the right to receive this amount and not being able to claim this amount from KUVUT under any circumstances.

By accepting these general conditions, the user confirms that he/she is the owner of the bank account provided to KUVUT, and if not, that he/she has expressly obtained the consent of the owner of the account to provide the bank details.

In accordance with the applicable regulations, for all payments of cash back amounts to the same user that exceed 1,000 euros in a period of one fiscal year (from January 1st to December 31st),whether total or partial, users are obliged to provide KUVUT with their corresponding Tax Identification Number for tax purposes.


KUVUT will not pay the Cash Back Amount to the Users in the following cases:

  • When the User participates in the campaigns but has not fulfilled all the requirements to receive the corresponding amount through Cashback.
  • When KUVUT proves any false indications or indications of false identity or address or fraud in the campaign.
  • When the user's account has been suspended or disabled in accordance with the provisions of these general conditions of KUVUT or is associated with any fraudulent activity or infringement of these general conditions of use.
  • When KUVUT has not received the ticket for the purchase, in due time and form, from the User.

The information provided on the website should not be considered at any time as complete or exhaustive. KUVUT, for its part, will try to constantly update this information as much as possible.

KUVUT shall be solely and exclusively liable for the services it provides itself and for the contents directly originating from the website itself and identified with its corresponding copyright.

KUVUT undertakes to adopt the necessary means and measures to guarantee the security and privacy of communications. It will not respond when the appropriate security measures are adopted and these are violated by external agents.

All the contents accessed through the service provided by KUVUT, opinion surveys and participatory marketing are subject to the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights of KUVUT or third parties. This content may not be used, duplicated, distributed, sold, exploited or otherwise used for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the prior written consent of KUVUT or its owner.

Likewise, KUVUT shall be responsible for the brands, logos and other distinctive signs incorporated in any part of the website and which are the property of KUVUT, as well as the owner of all the Intellectual or Industrial Property rights or as a licensee of the same.

All the contents and integral parts of the KUVUT website have been included in accordance with the principles of good faith, indicating that the information may come wholly or partly from sources outside the entity itself. KUVUT therefore accepts no liability whatsoever for the inaccuracy or non-updating of the contents shown.

On the contrary, all those contents coming from internal sources will be duly identified with their copyright. The entity reserves the right or faculty to make any changes at any time without prior notice. All content included on the website from internal sources bearing the copyright identification mark is the sole responsibility of KUVUT.

KUVUT respects the intellectual and industrial property of third parties. If you believe that your intellectual and/or industrial property rights have been used in a way that could lead to disputes over infringement, please inform KUVUT immediately by sending an email to

Once this procedure has been carried out, KUVUT will take the necessary steps to eliminate the contents of the complaint within a reasonable period of time.

The information on this Website is current as of the date of its last update. KUVUT reserves the right to update, modify or delete information on this website.

KUVUT reserves the right to make, at any time, as many changes and modifications as it deems appropriate, with regard to the availability of its products, services and campaigns, in which case it will inform the users.

KUVUT reserves the right to unilaterally modify these general conditions, its privacy policy and any other information. The entry into force of the modifications to the General Conditions will take place from the moment of their publication on this Website.

KUVUT declines any liability for information or content not directly managed by it.

KUVUT is exempt from any kind of liability that may arise as a result of, by way of example, but not limitation, actions or omissions in the testing of the products performed.

The User accepts that KUVUT does not assume any responsibility for the delay, deletion, misdelivery, or failure to save User communications or personal settings.

KUVUT does not assume any responsibility for the Content inserted by the Users. The user who inserts content that infringes any national or international legislation in force will be liable for the damages arising from such infringement, exempting KUVUT from any liability.

KUVUT does not give any guarantee nor is it responsible, in any case, for any damages of any nature that may arise from the access or use of the contents or the website. Among others, and by way of illustration and not limitation, KUVUT does not accept any liability for the following circumstances:

  • the lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the Website and/or its Services or Content, excluding, to the maximum extent permitted by current legislation, any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of operation of the Website and the Content enabled therein;
  • the lack of usefulness of the Website or the Contents for any activity;
  • of the content of other Internet pages to which the links placed on the Website may be directed;
  • the existence of viruses, malicious or harmful programs in the Contents
  • the reception, obtaining, storage, diffusion or transmission, by the Users of the Contents;
  • the illicit, negligent, fraudulent use, contrary to the terms of these General Conditions, or to the good faith, of the Website or its Contents, by the Users.

The user shall be liable for any damages of any kind that KUVUT may suffer as a result of the failure to comply with any of the obligations to which they are subject by virtue of these General Conditions or the Law in relation to the use of the website.

KUVUT shall not be liable for the opinions expressed by the Users through the website or other participation or opinion tools, nor for the damages that may arise from such opinions.

KUVUT declines any responsibility and/or obligation to compensate the participant in free campaigns in which the participant could not receive the product promoted in that campaign due to lack of stock, shipping incidents, or other causes beyond the control of KUVUT.

KUVUT is not liable for any damage or harm resulting from the poor condition of the products or the deficient provision of the services tested, when the user has carried out a product or service test.

Users who test products and/or services through KUVUT must directly contact the manufacturers of the products and/or providers of the services tested in order to make any claim for damages caused by the testing.

In order to carry out the tests on the products and/or services through KUVUT, the user must proceed in accordance with the specifications on the website. Once selected, KUVUT will proceed with theshipment of the product. However, if the KUVUT box or the product cannot be delivered to the user and is returned, for any reason beyond the control of KUVUT, the subsequent shipping costs will be borne by the user.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide service to anyone for any reason and/or to discontinue service in whole or in part at any time, with or without notice.

The use of the service is subject to all applicable regulations and the User shall be solely responsible for the content of his communications through the service. You agree that you will not download, share, send or otherwise distribute content or applications that may violate any law in force or infringe any right of any party.

They are also forbidden:

  • The use of the sent products for any object other than testing the product or giving it to the collaborators to test for free.
  • Actions that constitute unauthorized or solicited advertising, including spam, chain letters, lottery or gambling;
  • The use of computer viruses or any other code, file or program that is designed or intended to interrupt, damage, or limit the functioning of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, or to damage or obtain unauthorized access to the data or other information of any third party
  • Impersonating, interfering with or disrupting service, servers or networks connected to services or violating requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to services;
  • Register and/or participate in the campaigns with more than one KUVUT account; A double account will be considered when two or more accounts have the same mailing address (street name and house number),the same email address, the same contact telephone number...
  • Acting as a member, contacting and recruiting other members to join the services of third parties who are competitors of KUVUT
  • Use automated scripts or screen scraping to collect information or interact with KUVUT;
  • Systematic data retrieval or other KUVUT content to create, directly or indirectly, in single or multiple downloads, a data collection, either manually or by means of bots, crawlers or similar. Access, manipulate or use non-public areas of the website, the computer systems of KUVUT, or the raffle systems of the organising companies;
  • Any attempt to test the vulnerability of any KUVUT system or network or to violate any security or authentication measure;
  • Falsifying or altering any KUVUT information;
  • Try to decipher, decompile, disassemble our software;
  • Collaborate with a third party to perform any of the described behaviors.

KUVUT shall have the right to investigate and report any of the above-mentioned conduct in accordance with the law, as well as to collaborate with the authorities in the investigation of such actions. The User acknowledges that KUVUT has no obligation to control their access or use of KUVUT or to review or edit the content of the members without prejudice to the right to do so in order to operate, ensure compliance with the terms and applicable legislation, administrative, police or judicial requirements.

KUVUT reserves the right to expel or limit access to persons who violate these general terms and conditions.

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on the resolution of online consumer disputes , KUVUT informs you that, in the event of a dispute, the user resident in the European Union may turn to the "Online Platform for Dispute Resolution" developed by the European Commission, in order to try to resolve out of court any dispute arising from the provision of services by KUVUT.

To access the "Online Platform for Conflict Resolution" you can do so via the following link:

These General Conditions are subject to Spanish, European and Israeli legislation.

In the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation, execution or validity of these General Conditions, the courts of the User's place of residence shall have jurisdiction.

The Spanish version will prevail in case of conflict.