Como funciona o kuvut

Kuvut is the great participatory marketing platform where every month you can try new products, learn and comment on them, share with friends and have fun.

As Kuvutian@ you will have the opportunity to participate in this marketing revolution together with great brands that want to make their products known through consumers like you.
Once registered, you will be able to participate in a wide variety of campaigns:

Reimbursements of purchases: Make the purchases in your favorite store and buy the product that we publish in these campaigns. We will return the money (total or partial) to your current account or through our virtual Kuvis currencies. This is cashback!

Product tests: These are easy and fun campaigns in which you can receive the product directly at home or at collection points. And yes... almost always for free! ;)
You can also learn and give your opinion about them, participate in photo contests, games, quizzes,...

Opinion polls. Your opinion is important and has its reward in products and/or Kuvis. With the Kuvis you can get Amazon gift cards and other products in our catalog.

Contests: From time to time you will also see contests, are always associated with some challenge either photographic, to share in RRSS, ... The prizes are very varied and can be from a batch of products, a kitchen robot or Kuvis for you to use in our store.
And much more!

Now with APP:

The new Kuvut APP is now available, making it easier and more fun for you to participate in the tests and actions you find in the campaigns.
This APP will also allow you to be better informed about new campaigns, sending and collecting the products we send you, etc.

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Creating an account in Kuvut is totally free and you can do it in a few seconds.

All you need to do is enter a couple of details and you'll be able to start participating.

You can create an account through this link:
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Medals are a prize you can receive when you have completed a challenge and/or have done an excellent activity.

Like points and levels, medals serve to highlight your profile and give you access to exclusive campaigns.

For example, if you have a 'Photographer' type medal, sometimes this will allow you to participate exclusively in campaigns where one of the activities/objectives is to take quality photos.
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The Kuvi is the virtual currency of Kuvut with which you can purchase gifts in our catalog of Kuvis.

Unlike points, Kuvis can only be earned in certain campaigns or activities.

Please note that these activities will often be exclusive and will only be shown to participants who meet a certain profile or have a certain level.

So stay tuned and when you see a campaign where you can get Kuvis, throw yourself at it before it's over. ;)

You can access the Kuvis screen and catalogue whenever you want by clicking on the Kuvi coin icon in your profile summary.

In the Kuvis catalogue you will find gift cards that you can exchange when you reach the minimum amount to get the gift.
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The level of your profile indicates your evolution as a participant and everything you have achieved throughout the campaigns, ie, indicates your performance and commitment to brands and Kuvut.

The more activities and levels you achieve, the more advantages you will get.

Kuvutians who participate regularly will earn more points and levels, so they will sometimes have priority to access exclusive campaigns or be chosen in selection processes.
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The points are Kuvut's new system to reward your participation and commitment to the activities and projects where you participate.

When you participate in a campaign, as you pass the activities you will see that in the bottom bar are accumulating your points earned.

Your goal will be to achieve them all. This will allow you:

  • Maximize your chances of being selected in that or next campaigns.
  • Improve your profile, raise your level and be able to participate in exclusive campaigns.

That's right, all the points you get in the campaign will be added to your profile, allowing you to climb levels and stand out from the rest of participants for your activity and commitment in the campaigns.

You can also earn points by conducting profile surveys and synchronizing your social networks.

Points do not expire, but you can lose them if we delete an activity that you have done because it violates our policies or does not meet the requirements requested in the activity.
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Cashback campaigns allow you to get a full or partial refund for the purchase of the products being promoted.

Participating is very easy:

1 Sign up for the campaign and validate/reserve your participation.
2 Buy the product
3 Performs the activities requested in the campaign.
4 Send us the ticket and complete the form within the indicated term.
5 You will receive the return within approximately 30 days from the moment we validate your ticket.

Each cashback may be different, in some we will return the total amount directly to your bank account and in others for example we will send you home a coupon so that your second purchase is free or with a discount.

You will also be able to receive Kuvis so that you can exchange them for products in our catalogue.

In each campaign we will inform you about the type of cashback and its conditions.
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Normally you will be able to enjoy free or discounted products promoted in three ways:

a) Total or partial refund to your bank account.

b) Total or partial return of the product through the Kuvis, our virtual currency.

c) Sending a coupon to your home so that you can get the free or discount (indicated in the campaign) for the second purchase you make of that product.

In any case, in each refund campaign we will clearly explain the characteristics and conditions of it.
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Once we validate the ticket you have sent us, we will normally send you a refund within 30 days.

In any case, in each refund campaign we will clearly explain the characteristics and conditions of the refund.
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There are several reasons why you have not yet received a refund:

A) The time has not yet come. Remember that we will normally send you a refund within 30 days of validating your ticket.

B) The IBAN you indicated to us is not correct.

C) The purchase ticket you sent us could not be validated because it is not correct or legible.

Always check the notification area (top bell) to know if there is any incident with your ticket.
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