Nuestros clientes satisfechos son nuestra mejor carta de presentación

Our satisfied clients are our best letter of presentation

Nos clients satisfaits sont notre meilleure lettre de présentation

I clienti soddisfatti sono la nostra migliore presentazione

When we want to develop a Participative Marketing Campaign, we think of Kuvut. Their seriousness and results beyond expectation are always a successful guarantee.

The digital dissemination they provide not only allows us to reach thousands of consumers online and offline with product testing, but also help the brand’s SEO positioning.

Kuvut has resulted to be a clear advantage when communicating the innovation between related consumers and qualitative interactions with the brand. Working with their team offers safety of a well managed campaign and results according to expectations.

Kuvut’s WOM is a great way of obtaining brand ambassadors. Without a doubt, they are a company that helps you get quality touchpoints with your target.

Kuvut is synonym of results driven and professionalism. Each campaign is designed with great attention to detail and is executed with agility and control. What I like the most of working with Kuvut’s great team is their proactivity and the continuous evolution of their services to adapt to our brands’ changing needs.

Kuvut is a partner that always brings added value to every project by working them in a professional manner and offering full management. Kuvut’s team is synonym of trust and success.

For years, I have worked with Kuvut for boosting our products and innovations notoriety and, also knowledge and deeper relationships with our consumers. The results, in addition to being positive in terms of business and metrics set goals, have been great thanks to the relationship and predisposition of all of Kuvut’s team to improve and adapt daily. Almost like partners on an adventure trip that always represents the launch of new products.

Business ideas validation is key for any entrepreneur of functioning organization. The tools that Kuvut disposes for this, added to their team’s implication and quality, have permitted great progress to our company on record time. Without a doubt, we will be trusting them for our future developments.

Kuvut has allowed us to reach a new audience of potential consumers.
Their team’s dedication and their platform’s efficiency has allowed us to address our specific target and interact with prospect audiences.
The mechanism Kuvut implemented created a real commitment to our product and has generated great visibility for our brand.
We are delighted with the obtained results.

At Unilever, for years, we have trusted Kuvut for implementing different Direct to Consumer activations. Their great DB, software, Know How on DTC and professionalism make Kuvut an ideal partner for an organization such as Unilever.

Kuvut’s sampling model has been very interesting for us, not just because of product distribution on a qualitative manner, but also for the feedback obtained from consumers.

I started working with Kuvut because they saw a project for a brand I was working on, and they made a very innovative and groundbreaking proposal to improve it. And we did it.
Always with a smile on their faces, which is key for the success of the levers we articulate from any brand.

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