Your channel specialized in
Direct to Consumer
and Influencer Marketing
Your channel specialized in
Direct to Consumer
and Influencer Marketing
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These are our 5 strengths

Specialists in nano and micro influencers

Thousands of nano and micro influencers can participate in campaigns to create UGC and awareness on social media. This type of influencers, thanks to their proximity and naturalness, achieve great engagement and conversion.
consumer panel and online market analysis

We know your consumer

Participative, diverse and lively community. We get campaigns that adapt to all participant profiles and ad-hoc communications according to the profile of each user.

  • +500k profiled users
  • +1.200.000 profile surveys
  • +10.000 new users per month

We know the market

Thousands of products have been analyzed and profiled. Thanks to this we have comparative benchmarks and NPS according to product categories and subcategories.

  • +1.600 products surveyed.
  • +300 comparative benchmarks.
The NPS is used to measure the loyalty and satisfaction of your client and compare it with your competition.
kuvut app for online market analysis, influencer marketing and sampling

Kuvut APP

UX designed to maximize interactions and impacts.

Your goals are our achievements:

  • + 50.800.000 Reach RRSS
  • + 2.300.000 Products sampled
  • + 7.000 Reviews in online stores
  • + 1.500 Market Studies.

Platform adaptable to your needs

10 years of experience and a professional and motivated in-house technical team allow us to offer you the best DTC collaborative marketing service.

  • + 1.600 campaigns carried out
  • 6 integrations in Webs / CRM
  • 7 countries

Thanks to our software, our app and a great community, we can create any Direct To Consumer and Influencer Marketing campaign adapted to your objective and budget


Direct to the consumer and Infulencer Marketing according to your objectives

Influencers Marketing


Estudios de mercado

Market Study

Cashback y prueba gratis


Agencia de sampling ad-hoc


WOM Boca a boca y marketing de influencia

WOM - Word of mouth

Lead generation y Fanclub RRSS

Leads & Fanclub Generation

Descargas y reseñas APP

App Downloads

Rates & Reviews

Integración de software

Software Integration


Throughout our history, we have helped and accompanied our clients from various sectors (food, beauty, household appliances, pets…) to achieve their goals.

We carry out from complete integrations of our technology in our clients’ CRM platforms (Nestlé or Henkel) to specific campaigns to achieve market studies, samplings, cashbacks, WOMs … Our achievements are your successes!


We constantly nourish our database thanks to:

  1. Collaborations with Glovo, eCooltra, freenow, influencers.
  2. Sampling using Kuvut machines in shopping centers
  3. Cashbacks in supermarkets
  4. Member Get Member on Kuvut APP

Using our large database and our technology, we can carry out campaigns with very different objectives, adapted to almost any profile. Thanks to this, we always have thousands of participants interested in Direct to Consumer Marketing to discover (and later talk) about new products, ensuring the best results whatever your objectives and target.

Periodically we conduct profile surveys through our APP: Kuvut.

In addition, thanks to the fact that we carry out a wide variety of campaigns, we continuously interact with our database and obtain information about the behavior and profile of users. This allows us to achieve results on excellent KPIs.

– Tangible rewards: In most campaigns we give the possibility to try new products and / or win virtual coins “Kuvis” exchangeable for prizes and gifts.

– Emotional rewards: Being the first to know and explain something new in your surroundings, as well as feeling part of the brands feeling heard and valued, is another of the things that encourage our users to participate in our campaigns. In addition, our loyalty program allows them to obtain points, climb levels and earn medals according to their involvement and merits.

According to their purchasing and consumption habits, according to their sociodemographic profile and according to their history / profile in Kuvut (Vips, influencers, photographers, brand lovers …)

Communication is carried out at launch and during the various phases of the campaign through:
Web push notifications + app push notifications + Emailing

“Direct to Consumer campaigns put consumers at the center and they become part of the brand’s marketing ”.

Francesc Collado, CEO Kuvut

If you are interested in our services, from ad-hoc integrations of our technology in your CRM, to specific WOM campaigns, Sampling, Influencer Marketing, market research or reviews, complete the form and we will start working to meet your goals!

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